Protocol for Home Visits

In an attempt to model and maintain social distancing, home visits will only take place after all other engagement attempts have been exhausted.

  • School staff are not required to do home visits if exposure to others does not feel comfortable for them (or given their personal circumstances)

  • All home visits must be approved by your school-based administration and/or department head (i.e., Chris Reiger for Social Workers, TIna Vellieux for nurses) who will review engagement attempts and approve a home visit prior to the visit.

  • Home visits must be documented here for later CDC tracking if necessary.

Engagement to try prior to a home visit:

  • Phone calls

  • Emails

  • Remind messages

  • WhatsApp/Talking Points messages

  • Collaboration with Parent Community Specialist, if appropriate

  • Collaboration with sibling’s school

  • Calling emergency contact numbers

  • Collaboration with community agencies that may be involved

Protocol for home visit:

  1. Do not go on a home visit if you have felt ill or had a fever in the last two weeks.

  2. Wear your own gloves and bring hand sanitizer or something to clean hands.

  3. Go with a pre-written note with your contact information that you can leave at the door if no one answers.

  4. DO NOT go inside houses/apartments. Speak to the family outside.

  5. Make a plan for ongoing virtual contact. Assess needs: technology, basic needs, academics.

  6. If connecting with a family would require entry into a building, leave a note and contact info on the door or near the mailboxes.

  7. If going as a team, members should keep distance from each other, and others you may encounter - 6-8 feet, if possible. Team members should travel in separate cars.

  8. Avoid touching your face.

  9. Disinfect or wash your hands when you return to your car and again when you get home.