District Services

Our goal is to ensure that all staff and families have the tools, resources and supports to feel safe and comfortable returning to school.


Portland Public Schools is committed to helping children eat a healthy diet so they can be attentive and ready to learn, at home or in the classroom. Meals will be free to all students.

District food service & safety:

  • K-8 schools will serve breakfast and snack in the classroom or outside. These meals are pre-packaged in a single serving container (box or bag). Grab and Go Lunches will be available to be taken home at the end of the day

  • High schools will serve breakfast in school. Grab and Go lunches will be available to be taken home at the end of the day.

  • Students will be allowed to remove masks when eating or drinking but should maintain 6 feet of physical distance

  • Menu and any allergy information can be found here.

  • For students learning remotely, ‘grab and go’ breakfast and lunch will be available for in-person and online learners to pick-up at school distribution sites:

  • In the current Hybrid Scenario the sites are: Deering High, Portland High, Casco Bay High and Talbot Elementary

  • In a RED Scenario (return to full remote learning) sites would be: Deering High, Portland High, Casco Bay High, Presumpscot Elementary, Reiche Elementary, Rowe Elementary, and Talbot Elementary


Whenever possible, we are asking parents to provide transportation for their students to and from school. Bus capacity will be reduced to comply with applicable physical distancing measures in place.

Bus Safety

  • A limited number of students will be scheduled per bus in accordance with physical distancing protocol (3 feet).

  • Students will board the bus according to a seat assignment and sit one per seat (unless riders are from the same household).

  • Students over the age of 5 and staff will be required to wear a face covering while on the bus. Cloth face coverings will be provided to students if they are needed.

  • Bus drivers and attendants will also wear cloth face coverings or face shields.

  • Bus drivers will perform wipe downs of all frequently touched surfaces following every school delivery.

Bus Routes: Student's bus route, stop and time information will be communicated one week in advance of school reopening.

Drop-Off / Pick-up Zones: A designated area will be clearly marked near the school entrance for families to drop off or pick up students. Parents are not to park, exit vehicles or congregate at drop-off/pick-up locations.

Multiple Children

  • In some scenarios, student schedules may be assigned alphabetically. If that happens, we will strive to support families with students in multiple grades. For any individual situations please contact your child’s school, which will work with you to address the scheduling conflict.

  • Family hardship issues will be addressed on a case-by-case basis at the school level, whenever possible. PPS cannot guarantee that every individual request can be accommodated, given the strict limited-capacity restrictions for classrooms and buses, but we will do our best to meet our families' needs.

Adult Education

Portland Adult Education will follow a similar protocol around learning scenarios:

  • Red: Full remote online courses

  • Yellow: Hybrid (online classes with some in-person, one-on-one or small group activities for intake/orientation/tech support, etc.) following standard health and safety protocols

  • Green: Same as Yellow scenario. We do not anticipate reopening fully during the fall semester.


Maine Principals Association (MPA) has announced a delay in the start to fall 2020 sports season.

  • Conditioning for fall sports only at Deering and Portland high schools will begin on August 24.

  • Fall interscholastic activities will be pushed back until September 8.

  • Pre-season will last two weeks, allowing games to resume no earlier than Friday, September 18.

  • All sports teams will adhere to health and safety protocols as appropriate.

  • A specific set of protocols and guidelines, including rule modifications and face masking, will be soon announced.

Staffing Considerations

Additional support staff will be hired to reinforce daily operations, including permanent substitute teachers, custodial services and nursing. Other support roles will be added as necessary.