Summer 2021 Health & Safety

Summer Health and Safety Protocol Updates

Updated June 2021

Please see the revised guidance below for summer programs in Portland Public Schools. Unless noted here, guidance from our existing Health and Safety Agreement and Addendum remains in place. All of our health and safety protocols can be found on our school reopening webpage.

PEA and PPS collaborated on these revisions after surveying summer school staff, considering the range of responses, and discussing the concerns of those who might disagree. These changes not only reflect the majority of survey responses, but they also align more closely with current MDOE/CDC guidance related to masking and distancing. We believe that these are important steps as part of our transition to a return to full time instruction in the fall.

That being said, we recognize that some will be less comfortable with these changes than others. Since PEA and PPS continue to be committed to best practices in health and safety, we will continue to be available if concerns arise. We also offer these resources for those who are interested in the data that we considered with the survey to help inform our decision.


  • We will maintain our current masking and physical distancing expectations indoors for students.

  • The requirement for maintaining a six-foot distance when unmasked and eating or drinking continues to apply for all students indoors.

  • We will relax the masking and distancing expectations for students and staff outdoors. While students will not be required to wear a mask or maintain physical distancing outdoors, we do recommend both whenever possible.

  • Adults are no longer required to maintain physical distancing from other adults or students indoors or outdoors. However, we do recommend it whenever possible and ask people to be respectful of others' comfort levels.


  • We will loosen restrictions to allow for visitors who enhance the student experience (volunteers, supports, extensions, etc). All visitors must be informed of and follow our health and safety protocols.

  • We will allow field trips and will continue to implement our transportation health and safety protocols. When a field trip is to a venue suggesting or requiring different health and safety protocols than those established by Portland Schools, staff and students will follow the stricter of the two. Outdoor trips are encouraged.